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THOR Multiverse Adds Many New Minecraft Plugins!

The 1.3.1 Minecraft update has proven to be a big enough one for old mods to start development again. We also found a ton of cool new mods we wanted to try out on the server. The list is pretty large, so check it out after the jump.

We have linked to each project to give you all an opportunity to take a look at what the features of each new mod is, and what commands might be available. Some of these mods might be only availabe to THOR admins, but most will probably eventually be available to all.

Minecraft 1.3 Releases Tomorrow!

It's been a few months since we have seen a Minecraft update. In fact, it's the longest time between Minecraft updates to date for the Minecraft project, but it seems for good reason. There are a ton of new changes coming for this latest update. There has been so many changes in the game engine that the Mojang team has decided to move to a 1.3 release branch. There have already been some updates to the 1.3 branch, so Minecraft 1.3 is already a thing of the past.

THOR Minecraft Server

THOR now has a Minecraft server up. Join us at minecraft.thehammerofresistance.com.

We currently don't have much going on yet as I just launched the server tonight, but it's live and ready for players :)

Still Waiting for the Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Full Release?


Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Pre-Release Leaked by Mojang!

Mojang has outdone themselves again. Yesterday, Jens and Notch have just announced that the 1.8 pre-release .jar is available for public testing.

Minecraft Beta 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.6.3, 1.6.4, and 1.6.5 Released Already!

Well, it seems Notch and the Mojang team have been burning the midnight oil since the Minecraft Beta 1.6 release last week. They have gone ahead and released 5 Minecraft 1.6 point releases already. Seems kind of quick, but there have been some major bugfixes against the 1.6 release in these updates, so you better grab them. More details about the fixes and features in Minecraft Beta 1.6.1, Beta 1.6.2, Beta 1.6.3, Beta 1.6.4, and Minecraft Beta 1.6.5 after the jump.

Minecraft Beta 1.6 Update Adds Player Crafted Maps, Multiplayer Nether, and More!

On Thursday, May 26th, Notch and Mojang released the much anticipated Minecraft Beta 1.6 release. This release adds a handful of new features to Minecraft including Player Crafted Maps, Multiplayer Nether, and hatches! The Beta 1.6 update requires both a client and server update. Read the full list of new Minecraft game features after the jump.

Use Charcoal for Fuel, It's Renewable and Easy to Craft

Today I was poking around the Minecraft Wiki trying to figure out some Minecraft crafting strategies. I found out that running around trying to find coal all the daytime hours in Minecraft is a total waste of time. Since Beta 1.2, Minecraft has had charcoal! Charcoal is now my favorite item in the game.

Minecraft Beta 1.5 Update Adds Lots of Cool New Features!

According to Notch's blog, the Minecraft Beta 1.5 Update released on April 19, 2011 contains some pretty cool new features to this already amazing sandbox game. The new game enhancements include:

  • Weather including Rain, Snow, and Thunder
  • Statistics
  • Achievements
  • Detector Rail
  • Booster Rail
  • Performance Enhancements

25% off Minecraft Beta


Minecraft beta is out now and Notch is currently offering his beauty of a game up for 25% off what the retail price will be when version 1 is released. I got my copy in Alpha, which was even cheaper if you can believe that. If you are into sandbox games, like to build stuff, or kill monsters, this game is for you.

The game is a bit addicting if you like to build stuff, as you basically have an endless supply of building materials once you get going. You will find yourself wanting to recreate many things you have always wanted to build. I started out first by building a castle. I used to love the old RTS castle games, so why not build my own castle in Minecraft to keep out the monsters.