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Publish 2: Theme parks and Faction perks

SWGEmu devs have completed the merge from the dev server, Nova, to the play server, Basilisk. This patch fixes a ton of issues and adds a ton of new content. Details of the patch can be found below.

Upcoming Basilisk Merge 11/4/12

That's right SWG fans, the new merge from (unstable) SWGEmu code otherwise known as Nova to (stable) SWGEmu code, otherwise known as Basilisk is to happen Sunday November 4th. That means all the latest and greatest changes and fixes that have been published to Nova Test Center will be live on the Basilisk play server. There are so many fixes, it's going to be a big change for the community. Most notably, the Theed starport will be instant travel once again, hopefully breathing life into the struggling Theed player economy.

SWGEmu October Testing Focus

It seems that the development team has gotten some new wind under their sails this year, and are even pushing the testing community to test specific components. Things are getting very interesting with the SWGEmu project lately. How long until there is another major merge, a.k.a SWGEmu Publish 2? Read the specifics on what community tests should be looking to test after the jump.

JTL Lives in SWGEmu!

I check out the SWGEmu.com website every so often to checkout the latest updates and such. It occurred to me that I haven't checked in on the development process lately, so I checked today and saw this!

Yes, that is a Tie Fighter flying around Theed and elsewhere on planets in SWGEmu on the Nova Test Center. Create a new character and open up your datapad and get flying :) JTL lives!