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Episode 12: The Hammer of Resistance Returns!

THOR Returns on Shadow Hand!

THOR guild has been registered in the SWTOR pre-launch guild program since early August. We had enough pre-orders to lock in our guild for the pre-launch. Our server, Shadow Hand, has been chosen today. We hope you join us after launch. Currently the guild is locked and we can't do anything until pre-launch at least.

Signs of War

As the Treaty of Coruscant dissolves, the galaxy finds itself back on the brink of all out war. Chaos and corruption run rampant, and the mighty armies of both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire prepare themselves for the inevitable showdown. Watch the build-up to battle in the new Game trailer for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, Signs of War.

THOR Guild Returns to SWTOR

It is official. The Hammer of Resistance will be returning to guild status with the relase of Star Wars the Old Republic. We have the 4 necessary pre-orders to have the guild created automatically when the game is release, and are accepting new members. Read more about the SWTOR release and register for the SWTOR THOR Guild here.