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THOR TF2 Server Online!

Our Minecraft server has grown past the RAM limit we have on the VPS that I was running it on, so I have moved the Minecraft server to a different server with more RAM. In an effort to expand the THOR Gaming community and re-establish ourselves as an actual gaming community, I have launched a Team Fortress 2 server in place of the old Minecraft server on the VPS. The server is online @

THOR Minecraft Server

THOR now has a Minecraft server up. Join us at

We currently don't have much going on yet as I just launched the server tonight, but it's live and ready for players :)

Episode 12: The Hammer of Resistance Returns!

THOR Returns on Shadow Hand!

THOR guild has been registered in the SWTOR pre-launch guild program since early August. We had enough pre-orders to lock in our guild for the pre-launch. Our server, Shadow Hand, has been chosen today. We hope you join us after launch. Currently the guild is locked and we can't do anything until pre-launch at least.