Magic Launcher 1.0.0

Client Mod

I just found this launcher for Minecraft, and while it's not a mod, it will help you run just about any mod that you want much easier than manually modifying your .jar files. It automatically handles all that and more, while providing some sweet additional news and information before logging in.

The Magic Launcher is a new Minecraft launcher which can load mods dynamically without changing or patching the minecraft.jar.

  • Minecraft
    - selectable minecraft.jar
    - automatic version detection
    - configurable window size, also maximized
    - selectable minecraft folder
    - selectable java executable
    - java memory limit
    - java custom parameters
    - show error log
    - remember user
    - configuration profiles
  • Mods
    - load mods dynamically without changing minecraft.jar
    - META-INF does not have to be deleted
    - automatic mod compatibility checking
    - external mods detection and compatibility checking
    - shortcut to external mods folder
    - configurable external mods
    - automatic mod requirements checking (ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, Forge, GuiAPI)
  • Design (screenshots)
    - Minecraft style
  • News
    - Minecraft
    - Reddit
    - Twitter
    - Blogspot ...
  • Coming soon
    - Minecraft update