Minecraft Servers

Another cool feature of Minecraft is Multiplayer! There are basically 2 main server modes for Minecraft Multiplayer which require you to run a Minecraft Server. You can do this on an extra computer at your house, but you can also get a hosted Minecraft server from a Minecraft Server Hosting company. If you are skilled enough with computers, you can probably get your own server up and running on something like a VPS or Cloud Server of some sort.

Don't worry though, if you don't have the skills or the money, you can find a ton of public Minecraft servers to play on anyway. I just feel if I am going to put hours and hours into building things on a Multiplayer server, it might as well be my own, or someone I know.

Here are a list of the Minecraft servers we have found. Some have some pretty amazing creations on them, so we have tried to give each server a nice description, as well as it's location. I haven't experienced any major lag problems on any servers I have been on yet, but I am sure location would have something to do with that if it did happen.

Minecraft Server List

  • Cole2's World - IP: http://mc.cole2sworld.com/
    • Cole 2's World has 5 total Servers. You have to register for their forums to get an account to access all 5 servers.
    • Cole 2's Server List
      • epic.cole2sworld.com:25565
        • whitelisted for registered members only
      • lava.cole2sworld.com:25565
        • public freebuild, protected spawn area, netherish world
      • ultra.cole2sworld.com:25565
        • public freebuild, protected areas for members
      • mc.cole2sworld.com:25565
        • public freebuild, protected areas for members
      • mc1.cole2sworldd.com:25565
        • public freebuild, protected areas for members