Our Minecraft server has grown past the RAM limit we have on the VPS that I was running it on, so I have moved the Minecraft server to a different server with more RAM. In an effort to expand the THOR Gaming community and re-establish ourselves as an actual gaming community, I have launched a Team Fortress 2 server in place of the old Minecraft server on the VPS. The server is online @ tf2.thehammerofresistance.com.

I haven't setup any mods yet, but Rcon is available to applicable THOR members upon request. The TF2 server uses much less RAM than the Minecraft server, in fact exponentially less. I will be testing out the resource limits of the VPS for running Steam based games like TF2, and we might be able to run some other games as well depending on the limits of the server.

We may setup some mods, but I am not sure yet, as a vanilla server is always fun to play on also. I will keep you posted on any updates to the server in that department. If anyone has map requests or other suggestions, there will be a form to submit maps and contact the server admins for any reason.

In any case, join us on TF @ tf2.thehammerofresistance.com

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