REBS City Guide

Your guide to REBS city, a Rebel player city on Rori.

REBS City Information

Mayor: ZubZub
Miltia Captain: Chooiewakka
City Faction: Rebel
Planet: Rori
Location: 676, -1476
Nearest Starport: Rebel Outpost

REBS City Stats

Current City Level: Village
Current # of Residents: 32 Residents
Residents until level up: 3
Next City Level: City

REBS City Attractions

Crafting Stations: High Quality Public Crafting Stations
Mission Terminals: Combat, Artisan, Entertainer, and Explorer
Profession Trainers
REBS City Mall (coming after the shuttleport is built!)
and more to come!

Contact Zylon or Chooiewakka in-game for more info on how to join REBS city!

Helpful City/Housing Info

Player Structures
Guild Hall - 5 lots, 400 item limit, 100cr/hr maintenance
Large House - 5 lots, 500 item limit 50cr/hr maintenance
Medium House - 2 lots, 200 item limit, ??cr/hr maintenance
Small House - 2 lots, 200 item limit, 16cr/hr maintenance
Merchant Tent - 1 lot, ?? item limit, ??cr/hr maintenance
City Structures
City Hall - 0 lots, 400 item limit, (currently no maintenance)
Cantina - 5 lots, 400 item limit, 30cr/hr maintenance
Cloning Facility
Theatre ??