Republic Smuggler

The SWTOR Smuggler class is known for it's quick shot and being able to adapt to any situation. When others may be in a panic when trouble comes around, the Smuggler will always be cool, calm, and collected.

Smuggler Specializations Available

  • Gunslinger Smuggler Specialization
    • The Gunslinger Smuggler is known to be a master of the Trickshot, and is able to wield dual blasters. A Gunslinger has several special shots to inflict maximum damage on his targets for a maximum distraction during a fight.
  • Scoundrel Smuggler Specialization
    • The Scoundrel Smuggler isn't looking for a fair fight. Scoundrels are actually looking to use every advantage to your disadvantage. Never look for one to shake your hand, or take care of the check a the cantina. A Scoundrel is able to use a stealth belt, a Scattergun, and a med-kit.

Smuggler Companions Available

  • Bowdaar
    • Bowdaar is a mighty Wookiee warrior that is known for his many undefeated battles in deathmatch arenas across the galaxy. He is revered as he has defeated rancors, gundarks, Mandalorians and even a Jedi in single combat all without weapons or armor. He is bound to be a trusty companion for any Smuggler.

Smuggler Starships Available

  • XS Freighter
    • The XS Freighter is one of the most agile and fastest ships in the galaxy. They are designed to carry cargo, whether it be legal or contraband.

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