Republic Trooper

The SWTOR Republic Trooper is a members of the Republic Special Forces. They are the most advanced fighting force in the galaxy.

Trooper Class Specializations Available

  • Commando
    • Receiving advanced assault tactics and heavy weapons training, a commando uses blaster cannons to overwhelm their enemies.
  • Vanguard
    • Vanguards are equipped with advanced heavy armor and are trained in the most advanced defensive tactics.

Trooper Class Companions Available

  • Tanno Vik
    • Tanno Vik is one of the most talented demolitions experts the Republic forces have ever seen. Although he was born on the lawless streets of Nar Shadaa, Tanno has become a charming, well respected member of the Republic military. He doesn't always put the Republic first though.

Trooper Class Starships Available

  • BT-7 Thunderclap
    • The BT-7 is the Republic's largest and most advanced rapid assault starship. They are built for rapid deployment in space combat situations.

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