SWGEmu devs have completed the merge from the dev server, Nova, to the play server, Basilisk. This patch fixes a ton of issues and adds a ton of new content. Details of the patch can be found below.


  • Added stability fixes.
  • Fixed a lot of deadlocks.
  • Loading items in containers on demand.
  • Allowed admins to enter any building.
  • Added GM commands to manipulate quest states on players.
  • Added setFactionStanding GM command.
  • Improved load concurrency of structures.
  • Disabled combat spam packets when there are to many players in the vicinity.
  • Improved EC commands.
  • Added WALKIN permission for players to enter buildings.
  • Added more functions to lua to enable more advanced scripting of theme parks, quests etc.
  • Fixed credit commands not checking for enough amount.


  • Fixed a bug preventing survey attempts.
  • Added vendor barking
  • Fixed a few schematics.
  • Fixed access fees should now grant Merchant XP
  • Added bazaar item limits.
  • Vendors can now equip weapons.
  • Items expires after 30 days instead of 7 days.
  • Added emails to buyer and seller in auctions.
  • Fixed issue when using crafting macros.

Player Cities

  • Fixed a bug preventing a Metropolis to continue updating, and also pausing elections. This fix is not retroactive, but will restart the cycle again.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the placement of unique civic structures if the mayor had previously attempted to place it but was prevented or cancelled the process.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed anyone to place a hospital in a city on Naboo or Corellia instead of only master Doctors/Combat Medics.
  • Added all city specializations except for cloning and entertainer.
  • Fixed a bug allowing a mayor to set the city specialzation without a cooldown.
  • Added the ability to set city taxes. (not all are actually applied, just saved)
  • Added city income tax. It's deducted from citizens at each update.
  • Fixed player city halls will no longer show up on the planet map.
  • Fixed issue with politician trainers not being able to be removed.
  • Fixed Cityban and Citypardon.
  • Fixed an issue with city halls not being destroyed properly and becoming bugged.
  • Fixed city rank cap calculation.
  • Fixed city names on the planet map.
  • Fixed issue with overlapping regions.
  • Fixed issue with politician trainers not being able to be removed.


  • Lowered the drop rate of holocrons on Dark Troopers.
  • Fixed a Teras Kasi trainer that was stuck in a wall in the Dearic cantina.
  • Fixed unarmed creatures not causing wounds.
  • Doctor / Entertainer mods added to some new outpost cantinas/medical centers and taverns
  • Added medical rating to cloning centers.
  • Removed wait time on the Theed startport.
  • Added taverns to places where it is possible to heal.


  • Lowered the number of Imperial forces at the Weapon Development Facility on Naboo.
  • Fixed a bug in the Warren preventing a player from progressing beyond the Reactor Room.
  • Added Rebel theme park.
  • Added Jabba theme park.


  • Fixed a lot of loot.
  • Loot templates can now customize weapons and set the number of sockets on the item.
  • Loot templates can define skill mods.


  • Fixed an issue causing Special Attack Cost (SAC) to be too expensive.
  • Fixed dizzy events not triggering the knockdown timer.
  • Fixed Knockdown timer.
  • Fixed Scatter Hit 1 and Scatter Hit 2.
  • Fixed combat spam for Squad Leader abilities.
  • Minor AI improvements.
  • Applying a DOT is now seen as aggressive behavior.
  • Fixed issue with flameout.


  • Fixed a bug with the tend damage and tend wound skills that were preventing them from healing the proper amount of damage or wounds.
  • Fixed Tend wound xp to more like it was on live.


  • Looking at camp status will cause bugged camps to despawn.


  • Condemned houses are destroyed when the maintenance reaches 3 months of negative maintenance. All items inside will also be destroyed.
  • Items in containers now counts towards the item limit in the house.
  • Added option to take Guild Hall lots in guild hall terminal.
  • Fixed bug that caused deed to be deleted when redeeding with full inventory.


  • Changed holocrons to use the Village era holocron system. Holocrons simply replenish the force power of a Jedi, and may only be used once per day.
  • Fixed non-Jedi players getting visibility when equipping non-Jedi robes.

Bounty Hunter

  • Fixed Arakyd Probe Droids should now be accepting bio signatures.

Mission Terminals

  • Fixed group mission payout for destroy missions.
  • Fixed mission NPC names duplicating from the same mission.
  • Fixed faction mission NPCs can now be attacked.
  • Fixed possible synchronization issue when spawning mission NPCs.
  • Fixed Bounty Hunter targets should now get tougher for each level.
  • Fixed Missions terminals now only limits the destroy mission difficulty at player combat level + 5 so that mission terminals shouldn't be empty on starter worlds for high level players or grouped players.
  • Fixed players being put on the Bounty Hunter terminals for no reason.
  • Fixed crafting and deliver missions.
  • Added factional targets for factional destroy missions.
  • Fixed mission lairs spawning inside other buildings.


  • Entertaining awarding correct xp types.


  • Added option to transfer guild leadership in the guild terminal.


  • Fixed issue with negative faction points going below the limit of -5000.
  • Factional NPC now awards correct FP.
  • Added factional armor and items to recruiters.
  • Fixed PVP FP awards/losses.


  • Fixed novice profession starting weapons.
  • Fixed Tusken Raider helmet giving negative encumbrance.
  • Fixed a few NPC names.
  • Fixed a group invite issue.
  • Armor set belts and bandoliers can now be equipped.
  • Incorrect saved HAM will be corrected upon loading.
  • Items in unequipped backpacks will decay upon death.

  • This doesnt mean that Jedi are in game in any way, shape or form. Jedi can not be unlocked on any of our servers. When Jedi are added rest assured that we will announce it.

Source: SWGEmu Forums

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