Chef Profession

Chef foods in Star Wars Galaxies used to provide temporary stat buffs for players. Chef foods in SWGEmu do the same, but not all foods are ready for prime time yet. This page highlights Chef foods & Chef Drinks that are currently availabe in SWGEmu on the Basilisk Server.

Here you can find a great deal of info on the Chef Profession in SWGEmu. You will be able to find SWGEmu Chef Trainer locations, helpful links to current Chef Resources that are spawning on Basilisk, and more helpful SWGEmu Chef Profession information.

We have put together quick links to all the Chef crafting schematics, and their top spawning resources. We've also started listing some stats that we have been seeing in game for specific foods and drinks to give an idea of what is available for each food buff.

Chef Drinks Schematics

Chef Food Schematics

Common Chef Components

  • Alcohol (Common component in most Drink buffs.)
  • Carbosyrup (Common component in Food buffs.)
  • Cask (Creates 18 stack minimum.)
  • Dough (Common component in Food buffs.)
  • Protato (Common component in Food buffs.)

Other Components Required

Chef Trainer Locations

  • Corellia - Kor Vella (-3147, 2792)
  • Naboo - Keren (1840, 2672)
  • Naboo - Moenia City (4942, -4837)
  • Naboo - Theed City (-4877, 4066)
  • Rori - Restuss (5181, 5668)
  • Talus - Nashal (4283, 5172)
  • Tatooine - Bestine (-1216, -3601)
  • Tatooine - Bestine (-990, -3541)


Other stats provided by comparisons between the old Chef Menu and the SWGEmu Wiki. This page will also be actively updated, as it seems that the SWGEmu Wiki is not able to be updated any longer. Perhaps we can revive it somehow, but for now I will continue to update this section with more SWGEmu Chef Profession information.

Thanks to for the awsome Schematics tool!

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