If you haven't seen it already, Star Citizen is a new PC space simulation game being developed by Chris Roberts, the creator of WIng Commander, Freelancer, and Privateer. Chris started a Kickstarter crowdfunding project to prove to other larger investors that there is a need for this type of game in the gaming world. Star Citizen has surpassed $3.5 Million in funding as of last night, and it's in it's last week of fundraising.

You can pledge your support for Star Citizen with a donation in order to help fund the project fully. Currently there are 2 ways to pledge.

  1. Kickstarter Website
  2. Roberts Space Industries Website

Both sites have their own stretch goals going on that add additional content and features to the initial release.

The Star Citizen Alpha is supposed to available sometime in 2013, while the final relase of Star Citizen is approximated at Nov. 2014 currently. Most of the pledge levels include a copy of the game either in disc format, or digital format along with a handful of other perks like spaceships, credits, and gear.

Check out the Crowdfund Pitch delivered by Chris Roberts himself!


Star Citizen Crowdfund Pitch - 720p from Roberts Space Industries on Vimeo.

More updates to follow! We will definitely be playing Star Citizen when it is relased, and you can find tons of news and information here at THOR Gaming.

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