I purchased Battlefield 3 a few weeks ago for the PC. I have been a Battlefield player since their original Battlefield 1942 game, and I played several BF1942 addons including Eve of Destruction. I purchased several of the Battlefield sequels including Battlfield 2142 and Battlefield 2. I did not purchase Battlfield Vietnam, as I thought it was a ripoff of Eve of Destruction, which I had already played in my mind. Overall you could call me a veteran Battlefield player and skilled at that. I even ran a Battlefield 1942 server for a while back in the day.

My first impression of Battlefield 3 was WHOA! I was completely amazed at the game's graphics and sounds. It was as if I were immersed in a real firefight on a battlefield. They nailed it! My brother is a Black Ops player, and recently purchased Modern Warfare 3. It looks just like the previous 2 games in my opinion and doesn't really offer anything "new" for the player experience. Battlefield 3 offers so much more than any combat simulation ever created.

The game amazed me for a couple of weeks, but recently I have been getting sick and tired of the rampant cheating that is going on in the game. Whether it be wallhacks, aimbots, or multi-hacks, it is ruining the gaming experience of an amazing first person shooter combat simulation. In my book, Battlefield 3 runs circles around Modern Warfare 3 in every aspect, so it has achieved it's goal.

Electronic Arts cannot allow hackers to dismantle a franchise. There have been hacking issues in each of the previous Battlefield PC releases in some capacity. Battlefield 3 seems to have the worst hacking issues of any in the Battlefield releases in the series so far. Hopefully they can contain the issue before people give up on an amazing game.

To be fair, I haven't tested MW3 on my PC yet, but unless they add some spectacular graphics engine to the PC version, I don't see that happening. Battlefield 3 just looks stunning.

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