Star Wars The Old Republic is the latest video game installment by Lucasarts for Star Wars fans. The game is being released by Electronics Arts and Bioware.

The Hammer of Resistance will be returning to it's roots in a Star Wars MMO. Obviously we will be joining the Rebellion. You can sign up for the guild on the SWTOR.com website found here. We look forward to reliving the saga with some old friends, and enemies!

Currently the following orignal members are returning from the original guild from Star Wars Galaxies:

  • Aarod
  • Chooiewakka
  • Debone Tallywacker
  • Simolias Sim

We welcome back all of our old friends from the original THOR Guild in SWG, our friends from World of Warcraft, and of course all of our friends from Riveredge Lagoon! Hope to see you all there :)

SWTOR Game Info

We are putting together a game SWTOR info quick reference database. Let Z know if you are interested in helping to add info to this section of the site. Browse the SWTOR game database below.

SWTOR Player Classes

For more detailed into and the ability to search through all the items in SWTOR, check out Torhead.

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