Well the predicted release date has passed, so I continue to play the Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Pre-release with you. It is quite an amazing release with lots of new content additions, upgrades to in-game mechanics, and now even has a multiplayer server browser! My previous post really doesn't do it any justice as I was just posting what I found out it could do. Once you start to play the Adventure Update, you really realize how much work went into this particular release.

Thoughts on the Adventure Update

This update is amazing! The lighting engine changes make it much more enjoyable to play with the default Minecraft texture pack. They have forced food to be an integral part of the game, which is good and bad. I don't want to have to keep stacks of food in my inventory just to go exploring without dying. If that's the case we better get some backpacks! It does however allow for a more diverse gaming experience by making more items important to every player. I never had made bread in-game before this update, but after seeing how easy it is instead of running around looking for pigs and cows to slaughter for meat, I have started using a new item more often in the game. I guess their plan has worked!

Another amazing feature of the Minecraft Adventure update is the new fractal terrain generation engine. I have seen some truly breathtaking landscapes so far since I have started running around in the 1.8 pre-release. I may even end up moving my base or creating a new base just because of how awesome this new plateau looking land mass is near my old base. The new lighting and other video settings really allow you to customize how the game looks depending on your system resources. I have a pretty beefy system with 3 cores, 4GB of RAM, and 1GB graphics card, so I turned everything up and the game looks excellent. There is even a neat new feature that allows you to change the field of view and make the game look more 3D looking with skewed angles.

That's really all I can process now about the Minecraft Adventure Update, as there is so much cool stuff in the Minecraft 1.8 release that I have to reset my thoughts and try another post later. I am starting to have a Minecraft overload. I saw a volcano in game last night. There is also critical hits, more farming options, fence gates... aahhh. Time to play. Hats off to Notch and the Mojang development team for another great release! I am sure glad that I got in on the alpha pricing. You can still get in on the beta pricing for 25% off the retail price. You better hurry as Notch has said in videos that they are looking to do a full release sometime after Minecraft beta 1.9.

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